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55 minus 1.

July 3, 2010

“When you find who did it

for sure, will you kill him?

“No. I won’t kill him, but

i’ll make him very sorry.”

The Mentalist

I have a similar thought for the mosquito that just bit me. Wish I could hire the vampires and pay back the mosquito in the same coin. Eclipse. Peace.


Grad School Musical

November 13, 2009

With the placement season and CAT exam approaching coming CSD is disappointed on it’s inability to convert more students into it. In this distressing condition, it makes it’s last attempt to convert CSE to CSD. Ofcourse, by the next year CSD will be so lonely because CSE would be gone. The enlightened CSD *knows* that going for placements or CAT is just like being another brick in the wall. The CSE *knows* that one in *hand* is better than 2 in the *bush*, hence placements.

Placements, CSE, CSD, money, greed, enlightenment, life, getting a life, revolution.

CSE and CSD need no introduction.


CSE to CSD (about placements):

Milk it for all it’s worth.
Make sure you get there first.
The apple of your eye.
The rotten core inside.
We are all prisoners.
Things couldn’t get much worse.
I’ve had it up to here, you know your end is near.

You had to have it all,
Well have you had enough?
You greedy little bastard,
You will get what you deserve.
When all is said and done,
I will be the one to leave you in the misery and hate what you’ve become.

Intoxicated eyes, no longer live that life.
You should have learned by now, I’ll burn this whole world down.
I need some peace of mind, no fear of what’s behind.
You think you’ve won this fight, you’ve only lost your mind.

Heaven help you. * 4

Benjamin et. al (Had enough, 2006)

Though CSE was the older of the two, it always considered CSD as its elder brother. So, it respectfully tries to coax CSD to let it go to placements peacefully:

I guess i just got lost being someone else,
I tried to kill the pain
But nothing ever helped
I left myself behind
Somewhere along the way
Hoping to come back around
and find myself some day

Lately I’m so tired of waiting for you
To say that it’s OK, tell me please
Would you one time,
Let Me Be Myself
So i can shine,

with my own light
Let Me Be Myself

Would you Let Me Be Myself
Coz I’ll never find my heart
Behind someone else
I’ll never see the light of day
Living in this cell
It’s time to make my way
Into the world i knew
And take back all of these times
That I gave in to you

That’s all i ever wanted from this world
Was to let me be me..

3 doors down – (Let me be my self, 2008)

CSE doesn’t change, neither does CSD.

CSE is going for placements. CSD is doing research.

Why did Mr. C come to CSD?
Why din Mr. Z choose CSE?

Srijan – srijan.bleu@research
Abhimanyu – abhimanyu.suck.sena@placements

PS: Why so serious?!
Ps: Best of luck for the placements to all.
pS: I have a book on Database with me. If anyone needs then tell me.


August 26, 2009

It’s morning
I should be waking from sleep
But, I am going to sleep
Why so?
Coz I’ve got a class to attend
And I try not to sleep in the class.
(End Of Poem)

I really won’t mind if you make it the Owl Anthem, but please, do give the citation.

*Sigh* Why do i have to take 5 courses this sem. Where’s my “Happy Sem” which I have been waiting for since first year?

Of very late, the blog has gone dead. What is the point in being dead if you can’t live a little? But, Who Cares? Oh no, not me. Strangly enough, Criticism is the best way to say – ‘I Care’

For sometime now, I don’t want to be making anything that starts with a ‘ P ‘ and ends with a ‘Resentation’. It’s analogous to beheading a man to know him inside-out. See, the word itself speaks for itself, Personification is so overrated.

Incredibly, ‘Impossible’ says I’m Possible; then plausibly, ‘Possible’ is precisely Impossible.

BTW, that thought has got a comma, an apostrophe, qoutes, a semicolon and a period among other insignificant things like a Bi-Alliteration(I and P), an Antimetabole, an Antiphorismus, an Antithesis, an Apostrophe, an Assonance, a Chiasmus, a Consonance, an Euphony, a Hyperbole, an Irony, a Paradox and a Personification, but is still a modest Understatement.

I think, that’s enough of a Warmup for the Greek Thought class. 😉 😀

00110101 Fiction: Course Registation.

August 13, 2009

00110101 Fiction:
“**Click- Click** Aarrgh…Doesn’t work… “, exclaim humans. But out there Bitgeek has gone for a march past. Why has he gone there? That’s because a bot can register for his courses. One – Two, One – Two.. that’s what everyone was doing. It’s the preparation for the independence day. 0-1, 0-1, I heard bitgeek chanting. Why? Coz he is Bitgeek.

PS 00: Bitgeek mein chotta b hota hai.

PS 01: There can be only 10 PSes in this post as per the Bitlogic.


00. Gagan’s

01. Ankit’s

10. AniManiac’s

STUFF!! and perhaps some meaningful stuff on set theory.

June 5, 2009

There was a time when I considered someone’s starting a post by telling that “it has been a long time since i posted..” and explaining why they were forced into doing this henious crime as immature.  Today, I’ll indulge into it: It has been a long time since i posted and I am posting because i found something really interesting at –

Please go through that and then come back.. doing that will possibly make the rest of the post ‘ some meaningful stuff on set theory and STUFF otherwise.

Talking about the paradox:

I think everything was dismissed too soon. We have got a paradox here. This implies something must have been wrong/inconsistent somewhere before . I am considereing the paradox as a contradiction. And the fact that abnormal set is a set at the first place as the hypothesis. An abnormal set has itself in it, how can we accept that to be a set so straightaway. Afterall, a set is a collection of well defined objects.

A question which should be asked is “If a set has itself in it, then is it a set?” or “Is the set as an element of itself a well defined object?”.

So, an abnormal set might not be a set! Now, consider the paradox to be contradiction. Then, the hypothesis that Abnormal set is a set,  becomes wrong. That is to say abnormal set is not a set! So, this paradax was actually the proof of “Abnormal set not being a set”.

A Corollary would be, for a set to be a set it must not contain itself.

Maybe such kind of “not set” sets could be called pseudo-sets in future.

Btw, i can give a formal proof for the theorem, “A set cannot contain itself.” would be.

Hypothesis: let a set contain itself and still be called a set. (i.e. Abnormal sets are sets)


All the paradox matererial comes here.

Since we get a contradiction (the paradox), the hypothesis is false.

Therefore, a set can’t contain itself.

Ps1: I have a gut feeling that this will create history…. 😛 😀

Ps2: I know the same thoughts have been harped again and again……. and again.. 😛

Ps3: OBH calling… 😀

Playlist in Recent Times

March 14, 2009

Tagged by Vishnu. No statistics available. Here are the songs which I have been listening to lately (not in any order) :

1. N.I.B. – Ugly kid joe

2. Speed of sound, Clocks,Trouble – Coldplay

3. Jane na kahan – jtyjn

4. It’s my life – Bon Jovi

5. In the end(instumental)- Linkin Park

6. Hallowed be thy name – Iron Maiden

7. Lithium -Evanescence

8. Sufi – Jay Veeru

9. Back to life – Pink Floyd

10. Mai asia kyu hu – Lakshya

11. Come as you are – Nirvana

12. My december, Shadow of the day – Linkin Park

13. Blue – Eifel

14. Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden

15. Somebody’s Me – Enrique

16. Where do you go, Cigarettes – Fort minor

17. The RockFella Stank – FatBoy Slim

18. Nine Thou – Styles of Beyond

19. Is it any Wonder, Walnut Tree – Keane

20. O’ Sweet Child of Mine -Guns N’ Roses

I tag animesh, anshul, sufal, prabudh and manish.

Life,sheep,cotton,wool,universe,matrix,oops and everything..

February 28, 2009

Having missed the class on SE.. Me and Sanrag were like this:
SaNrAg ….. ‘N’joying Life !!: “We get cotton from sheep” – Arjun
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: in oo domain it is called polymorphism
SaNrAg: how exactly is it polymorphism
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: usually sheep = grass -> wool
but here sheep = grass -> cotton
SaNrAg: sheep ! = grass“grass”)
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: i means sheep has a function to change grass to wool
SaNrAg: yeah… but none to change grass to cotton
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: abe in this case if you can overload the function
then you can get that
this will make sheep a smart and multifuctional product
SaNrAg: chal tu aisi sheep bana ke dikha de jo grass se cotton banati ho
u r free to use my sheep
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: simple hai
ho gayta
SaNrAg: nah…. compatible classes honi chahiye
aise hi kahin se kuchch inherit nahin kar sakta
this is wrong
jaa kar c++ pad dobara se
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: the power lies in inherit function child!
there should be lang which can make such a function
like there was a lang which made eval function
SaNrAg: no language made eval function
it was a human who made it
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: so raha tha kya popl mein 😮
haan wahi
SaNrAg: wahi nahin hota
aur haan
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: tu to requireement elicitation karwa raha hai
SaNrAg: if sheep inherits from cotton
sheep doesn’t produce cotton
it gets properties of cottons
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: sheep inherits from cotton plant my frn
SaNrAg: which we can choose to override
yeah… so that doesn’t mean it produces cotton
the produce function of sheep has already been defined
so the produce of cotton is overridden
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: we shalt overload that function and produce a sheep which
produces cotton
like arg = 1 for wool
SaNrAg: You can’t
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: arg = 2 for cotton
SaNrAg: because produce is already defined for sheep
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: we shall modify that
SaNrAg: u can’t… sheep is not opensource
u can only use sheep
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: But once you hack it it’s all yours
SaNrAg: God holds the copyright to sheep
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: !!
We can do negotiations with god
SaNrAg: try…
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: visit
SaNrAg: u can’t hack it
God obfuscated the sheep assembly
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: i hack it it’ll die
SaNrAg: U can’t ever do this
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: it die i change the function
now all i need is a resurrection function
SaNrAg: i told u… u can’t change the function… u can only use the sheep API
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: sheep.resurrect
SaNrAg: and there is no resurrect for Sheep class..its only defined for the class Jesus.. and no, in case u r wondering, u can’t inherit Jesus in sheep
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: hmmm…
you have a point
but why can’t the sheep inherit the jesus class!
SaNrAg: because u can’t modify the sheep class… u DON’T have the sheep source code
u only have an object file
or assembly
Gosh… I love .NET 😛
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: that’s serious trouble..
SaNrAg: that’s the way Software Industry works…and no, SE doesn’t teach u that
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: mad made oo , man made god implies man made sheep
so man can always change the functions of sheep
SaNrAg: man didn’t make god
that’s where u were wrong
man just discovered god
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: tell me if no man does there exist god!!
SaNrAg: like a child class discovers the identity of parent class
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: you are an element of a matrixclass
with you blue pill set to 1
SaNrAg: that’s the whole problem… child knows there is a parent class… but never gets its id
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: you need to set the red pill =1
the god class never existed
only man class existed
SaNrAg: ok… regarding ur doubts about the matrix… this question was already raised and answered in gagan’s blog
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: so do that transpose test i suggest there
transpose you position twice
SaNrAg: mine was much better… 😛
a little vulgar yeah
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: call (transpose.self)
SaNrAg: but better
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: 2 times
and if you are in the same pos you are in the matri
SaNrAg: I am not doing ur stupid test… I have my test… its awesome…and it says…we r not in a matrix
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: you will always feel that if you do you own test in the matrix
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: that was the fundamental trick of matrix
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: the matrix was designed by evil_human
and he made sure that everyone thought that
SaNrAg: the only thing matrix can’t fight is the power of brain… the will…. the trust in self… with all those things… i did my test… and we are not in matrix
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: no body was in the matrix
SaNrAg: yeah…. that’s why I thought that I was in the matrix… so my brain power broke the shackles of the assumed matrix and then i did the test… but there was no matrix… this is proof by contradiction
the key is to concentrate
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: for proof by contradiction you need
to take the opposite of the stmt you wnat to prove as the assumption
and then prove a statement and it’s inverse to be true
please present the proff in these terms
it did this in sct
SaNrAg: I wanted to prove I am not in matrix… So I assumed that I was in matrix… then if I am in matrix… the property that I was testing should have been true… but it wasn’t… So I am not in matrix
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: what is the stmt A that is true and
also the stmt ~A that is also tru!!
SaNrAg: 😐
din’t I give a fair proof by contradiction… or ur puny brain din’t understand that
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: hey when i was in the matrix i also used to prove by contradiction in this way
but soon i realised in sct class.. and broke free of the matrix
but wth has this got to do with the sheep!
SaNrAg: You were never in the matrix, kid ! Your prof made u believe u were, so that he can prove his worth…. In short, you were cheated
btw… I dunno… u started all the matrix crap
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: no this not true the matrix was packaged in the JV container class was made to
be inherited in the first year
It’s after that only a few like me : “neo”
have been able to get out of it
SaNrAg: Ohh… I din’t inherit that…they tried but just cudn’t… so they finally made a wrapper around me…
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: i followed the white rabbit
arjun followed the sheep
SaNrAg: and I followed the hot girl across the road 😀
◄SřỈ√Ảп►:cool! Chal let’s call it a day..
SaNrAg: hehe…
◄SřỈ√Ảп►: I’m loving it -The matrix! Trinity.. are u still there??